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Welcome to the I2Hub!

We are a group of industry partners, community groups, government contributors, students, and academics – experienced and diverse individuals committed to making innovation more inclusive

In the Fall of 2022, we collaborated on engagement sessions with many different individuals and groups to learn what everyone needs from inclusive innovation.

It became clear that there was much interest in moving forward the inclusive innovation work – to have more opportunities to share knowledge and experiences with inclusive innovation, and to drive forward practice for inclusion in innovation. As a consequence, the group decided to form the I2Hub as a not-for-profit to address this need and create the space for learning and exploration – so that innovation across all sectors can become more inclusive.


Canada as a global leader in inclusive innovation across all sectors.


The I2hub will create and support a community of excellence in inclusive innovation practice and research, by co-creating new knowledge, building networks, collaborating to implement new practices, and making resources accessible, to further next-generation inclusive innovation.

Join us.
Co-create inclusive innovation practices.

Let us know how you would like to participate

Are you interested in inclusive innovation speaker events and conversations? Training for your team?
Or do you have specific projects in mind? Research collaborations?


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