How to translate scientific materials for a policy audience ​

The greatest challenges facing Canadians require input from science and innovation. Promoting interplay and integration at the intersection of science, innovation, policy, and governance requires investing in the skills of the individuals who work in these different areas in order to build understanding and the competencies to work collaboratively across functions and sectors, including government, academia, the private sector, and civil society.

But, how can we work together across science, innovation and policy if we speak different languages? Scientists are taught to communicate in a manner that reflects the culture of science, which is different from the culture of society, of policy, and of politics. This 2-hour session will examine the two cultures of science and policy and how culture informs our communication. Participants will learn foundational concepts for working with and communicating to non-scientific audiences and tips on how to translate scientific materials for a policy audience. 

The Beyond Endless Frontiers SSHRC PDG project is offering a free training session open to graduate students and postdocs (advanced undergraduate students or early career researchers welcome, too).

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