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Tuesday, September 24, 2024 (12:00 - 13:30 EST)

Topic: Why technological innovation has failed so many, and what we can do about it

Speaker(s): Shobita Parthasarathy

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May 8, 2024 (Recording coming soon...)

Topic: What are systemic black boxes in AI Systems: Throwing off their lids for inclusivity.

Speakers: Dr. Cristián Bravo, Dr. Nisarg Shah, and Dr. Ruth Bankey

March 19, 2024 (no recording available)

The I2 Café: Responding to popular demand, the Inclusive Innovation Café series is your chance to get involved in discussions on inclusive innovation on a regular basis.

March 6, 2024 (recorded)

Topic: Distribution Sensitive Innovation Policies: Turning inclusive innovation from rhetoric to action

Speaker(s): Dan Breznitz

February 27, 2024 (recorded)

(Super)Diversity and Inclusiveness in Innovation - Indicators and Insights: Researchers from North America and Europe discuss existing, emerging and potential future approaches to the study of diversity, inclusiveness and industrial innovation, with a focus on issues of measurement.

Joint workshop: ISI Fraunhofer and Telfer

February 20, 2024 (recorded)

Topic: How to translate scientific materials for a policy audience

February 9, 2024 (recorded)

Topic: New approaches and methodologies for measuring impact of innovation policy

Speaker(s): Claudia De Fuentes, Fernando Santiago & Fernando Canto

January 25, 2024 (recorded)

Topic: Science, inclusivity, indigenous economic growth

Speaker(s): Katharina Ruckstuhl & Madeline Judge 

Inclusion as a research paradigm

Topic: How research and collaborative initiatives focusing on inclusive education and innovation, including among Indigenous peoples, are informing practice.

Presented by: Sandra Schillo

Transitions towards Inclusive Innovation – People, Planet AND Profit?

Topic: This session aimed to spark an interdisciplinary conversation on innovation paths towards global impact and system transformations.

Presented by: Environmental Studies Assocication of Canada

OSPN Science Policy 101

Topic: Panel on EDI in Research and Policy

Panelists includeSandra Schillo, Nathalie Podeszfinski, Steffany Bennett, Coen Sanchez, Jason Millar, Olga Pena

Presented by: Ottawa Science Policy Network

4POINT0 2022 International Conference

Topic: Discussant for 4 papers on the topic of: Sustainable/Inclusive/Responsible Innovation Ecosystems

Presented by: Policies, Processes, and Practices for Performance of Innovation Ecosystems

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