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We offer a different kind of space where we explore and shift the ways we value whose knowledge counts and the power dynamics that come with that.

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I2 Hub is a place to mobilize a network of diverse individuals and inclusive innovation experts in order to provide opportunities for you to develop expertise in inclusive innovation and achieve better innovation outcomes, scale transformation within your organization and across society.

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What is Inclusive Innovation?

A collaborative and co-creative, multi-stakeholder approach to innovation* that emphasizes the agency and innovativeness of stakeholders that will be affected by the consequences of innovation, including those traditionally excluded from innovation activities, and aims to increase the contributions of innovation to social, environmental and economic outcomes.

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Watch Sandra Schillo’s 2021 TEDxKanata Talk on Inclusive Innovation.

Hear from our people - What brought you to the I2Hub?

Some stories of what inclusive innovation means to us and how inclusivity is in itself a diverse set of experiences and how it is exercised in different ways.

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