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What is inclusive innovation?

Inclusive innovation is built on including the diversity of humans into the innovation process — as employees, users, affected stakeholders, and importantly, as innovators.

In this way it can help address the complex challenges facing innovation nowadays: the contributions of past innovations to current societal challenges and climate change, the importance of inter-disciplinary collaboration, and the potential of respectfully building on and giving back to knowledge residing outside the technologically defined innovation system.

Watch Professor Sandra Schillo TEDxKanata Talk for more information on Inclusive Innovation.

This is an emerging network of organizations and individuals committed to inclusive innovation.

Why is inclusive innovation beneficial?

Who does inclusive innovation serve?

How can innovation processes transition towards inclusiveness?

About Us

We are a team of industry partners, community groups, government partners, and academics. Our work together is in creating a virtual, physical and intellectual space to address challenges of inclusive innovation together. It will allow us to experiment, create tools and playbooks, and develop theory on inclusive innovation.

In this way, we aim to contribute to the inclusiveness transition we are observing in innovation systems, benefiting individuals, groups, companies and organizations.


The I2Hub will be a place to share understandings, to learn about successes and failures of inclusive innovation and to ultimately assist with the transition towards an innovation system that is more broadly and substantively inclusive of Canada’s diversity.

Problem Statement.

We know many organizations want to be more inclusive in innovation, but they don’t quite know how to, or maybe how to do it better, or on a larger scale.

Let’s dive into inclusiveness transitions in innovation systems.

A theory of inclusiveness transitions in innovation systems is instrumental to support the transformation necessary to see members of underrepresented groups meaningfully contribute to change. Indeed, the theory will help understand effective mechanisms to their inclusion and to removing barriers to their inclusion in innovation.

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